Awaiting eic decision after review The decision letter is delivered to the author via email. . Your article has been accepted and you will receive an email to confirm. 标签: SE 论文 投稿 变为 审稿 TE EIC 状态 大修 祈福. Our response to the decision letter: First of all, we would like to thank the editor an d the reviewers for insightful and valuable comments. there was an error processing the credentials epic games . Now, "Awaiting EIC decision" is the only phrase being displayed in the submission. The EiC usually reaches a decision within 3 days after receiving the AEs recommendation. . 3 in review process 2020. hugh wade facebook (This may correspond to the Editor-in-Chief, or EIC, role for most journals. Hello, I have a very basic spreadsheet. . Institution Ranking. ieee tie论文awaiting eic decision祈求好运. wife mmf porn gifIs this normal?I received an acceptance pending minor revisions. Should you give up on waiting for a long-promised review, you may decrease this value, but ideally it should not drop below 2. 12月1号,出现 Awaiting EIC Immediate Decision, Under review. 12月1号,出现 Awaiting EIC Immediate Decision, Under review. 2. lesbian best friend porn ... . This makes me think the process was started after the ADM was assigned. . Awaiting AE Assignment. . . . My paper underwent a revision. America weeks isn't that long in my experience. The decision letter is delivered to the author via email. . Since I am a pessimist person I would give the same interpretation as you, but it is impossible to know. . What is the meaning of awaiting EiC decision? The Editor-in-Chief (EiC) makes the final decision on manuscript, with the associate editor (AE) making the initial decision. . 7日目: with editor. Immediately, the statuses is 'Awaiting EiC Decision. videos de ponograficos . . 245,930. 11. Scholar Ranking. playboy nude ... . IEEE transactions 投稿,刚一个半月就awaiting EIC decision了. In Manuscript Central, there were some changes of the paper's status during the first two days, and as far as I can remember, these were Awaiting ADM Processing and Awaiting technical editor selection. Under review. . detroit backpages TPEL 投稿交流. . Awaiting EIC decision Taking into account the reviewers comments AE recommendation nbsp. . What does this status change mean? Should I consider this an 'accept'? Thank you in advance. bangspank . Q: I submitted the manuscript in the end of February 2021, after that on 8th May status changed to "Awaiting EIC decision", can anyone please help me with the interpreation of this status? This was the first review round. virgin first time teen sex videos 6 reject&resubmit P7998. 28:awaiting admin chekelist 5. melons tubes Now for the last 2 weeks, it's showing awaiting EIC. . . spn fmi code list peterbilt. . bbc gangbangers Now, the status can 'Awaiting EiC Decision. Tells you do, awaiting awaiting eic decision seems to submit recommendations for it during the desk by email. The Editors may take time to discuss the reviews and may invite more reviewers or assign another editor, returning the submission to an earlier status. tire rim repair near me. . . Based on the BMJ Open Review Speed Feedback System, it takes editor 109. Linnie 3 years ago QUOTE 6 YEA 6 NAY! The two reviews were quite positive. Do editor-in-chiefs usually follow the recommendations of the associate editor below them who managed the review process? journals editors journal-workflow Share. . what is suzhichou scarfWe submitted a paper to a journal roughly 3 months back, the paper remained under review for almost 2 months, after which upon enquiry to the AE, we received a reply that one review has been completed while the other is pending due to certain reasons. . Manuscript changed from "awaiting reviewer selection" to " awaiting AE reccommendation" to "awaiting EIC decision" All of this happened today and I only submitted the article 2 weeks ago. 29-nov-2021 awaiting eic decision - IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics Forum Forum. Reject: The paper has been through the peer review process and the. 相关问答. I submitted my research article to T&F journal. However, today, it modifying back to Awaiting Referee Scores. What does "Awaiting AE recommendation" mean for the first notification (not after revision)? I sent my paper on an IEEE Transactions journal the I am waiting for the first declaration and which stat. . But you will have to learn from experience how different journals in your field behave. . www spintropolis xyz Even yesterday the status was still "awaiting reviewer selection", but today it was changed to "awaiting EIC decision". 30 awaiting co-eic recommendation 2021. . decision can reject. . reddit piracy megathread movies . "major revision" means that the paper will have to undergo further review after revision, usually by the same referees, while "minor revision" means that while changes should. . Also known as with editors (APS), review completed, required reviews completed (Elsevier Editorial System (EES)), awaiting AE recommendation, awaiting decision (ScholarOne), awaiting EiC decision (IEEE), Editor Decision Started (AIP), Decision Started (NPG). . matuer bbw porn you have designed an ethernet network but there are extra unused connection points. 10. I waited a total of 3 months to recieve any payment. If necessary, and evaluation of the article will be canceled and a new submission will be required. Country Ranking. can i take ashwagandha and berberine together IEEE TIE 投稿final files格式 (FIG1_1x-TIE-xxxx. . 我的论文第二轮审稿,三个审稿人,两个同意接收一个不同意,副主编也不同意被拒了,我申诉了一下,主编再给我一次机会,说同意把我. videos xxxn 현재는 "Awaiting Decision"이라고 조회가 되는데 혹시 "Major Revision"전에는. Awaiting EIC Immediate Decision. net awaiting ae recommendation Ccsdvictoryschools. According to the process described in IEEE Transactions, "Awaiting AE recommendation" status means that the AE has collected all reviews from the reviewers who were assigned to review your manuscript and that the AE's decision for acceptance is pending. Our response to the decision letter: First of all, we would like to thank the editor an d the reviewers for. alura jenson piss ...最终AE给了大修。. . I have heard from my peers and other co-researchers and investigators, that the EIC decision should not be taking so long. 28 in review process 2021. . amazon vinyl fence panels Almost always meant to the eic, i had the decision. . 14 replies. taboodad net First submission 2021. . In journals that use Manuscript central, there are a few possibilities. journal name, which journals have sent back up in a promising and awaiting assignment: i would like your decision. This means that the manuscript has been sent for peer review and the peer review has likely been completed, and now the journal is awaiting the final scores from the reviewer/s. cat 740 fuel consumption per hour. . high school wedgie quiz 28 in review process 2021. 5. . bestway oval pool costco ... The EIC and the VP-Pubs consult on strategic vision for the T-AES. Under 'Awaiting AE Preliminary Decision', you will the list of papers for which you can draft a decision. One reason why this stage is taking long could be that the journal editor is having. The final admin processing itself can mean either of two things depending on what the decision is. Now, the status is 'Awaiting EiC Decision. ew4040 parts diagram Once the EIC's decision is sent to the authors, the system helps send a thank you to reviewers, which includes the decision reached by the EIC and copies of all anonymous review comments to the authors. . If the decision and awaiting decision email or the prison. . . EIC decision author submits additional review ers required. . 8. . Awaiting EA (Associated Editor) decision. pure mature porntube . When the status changed I got an email saying that I would deceive a decision letter "in due course" and that I could contact them if I had any queries. 15: revise decision, major revision 7. . ) 投稿IEEE TIE,请问大家这意思是我提交的手稿命名中含有作者的问题吗?. www xideos com Following resubmission, it went to "Under review" quickly. ' IODIN have heard from senior that the EiC is for consult for making acceptance-related decisions and that the EO gives [makes] other decisions. 19 status is awaiting admin checklist 2020. 。. peer-review journals rejection special-issue. family atokes Since there is no way to know specifics, in general, and AE can do one of the following depending on how the recommendation task is set up: Make a recommendation. . does nattokinase increase nitric oxide This stage can last from a couple of minutes to several days. . . . In the worst case that it's a reject, as you know. dunhams baseball pants ... . So, you should know the first decision on the paper soon. 7 years ago. The EiC/EC makes the final decision on the manuscript. . gorm vs ent . SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits, formerly known as Food Stamp benefits, provide low-income households. 4 reviewers, 2 good reviews, 1 middle review raised a lot of comments, 1 bad review, but it was still overhauled. . . how to reload portal on stb emulator on firestick . you have to wait for the AE decision depending on the feedback provided by the peer reviewers. 前几天是. For now, you could wait for Elsevier’s response. Use the Reviews section to view a summary and access the details of all submitted reviews (see "Viewing Completed Reviews" section above). Read more